On Saturday, May 12, the Kerry County Museum will host History in a Box for an intergenerational learning activity in which parents and children will be invited to work together and learn about the Easter Rising and the Battle of Mount Street Bridge.

History in a Box tells the story of the Battle of Mount Street Bridge, one of the most significant battles of the 1916 Easter Rising through an interactive, intergenerational activity. In two hours the families, working in teams, will work together to discover how the battle unfolded. Each team will explore one of five aspects of the battle: 1) the battlefield; 2) the Irish Volunteers; 3) the British troops (the Sherwood Foresters); 4) the medical response; and, 5) the impact on civilians. To explore the battle, the participants will be able to use tablets with augmented reality, audio and video content, historical documents, photographs, 3D printed buildings, and a map of the battlefield. At the end, teams will come together to pool their knowledge to get a broad understanding of how war affects, not only the soldiers, but all those who are touched by it.