Contested Memories The Battle of Mount Street Bridge History in a Box An Interactive Learning Experience The March of the Sherwood Foresters An Interactive Map Virtual World A 3D Model of the Battlefield

Contested Memories – Battle of Mount Street Bridge

Contested Memories – Battle of Mount Street Bridge is a Digital Humanities project directed by Susan Schreibman and Costas Papadopoulos at the Centre for Digital Humanities of Maynooth University.

Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge is a trio of projects that explore one of the most important battles of the Easter Rising of 1916. Against the odds, on the afternoon of Wednesday 26 April a small group of Irish Volunteers held off two battalions of British soldiers.

These projects use digital technologies to better understand the battle, bringing new insights to this century old event. Explore these projects by clicking on the links below.

History in a Box is a interactive learning experience that explores this canonical battle. It can be used in teams of any age and knowledge of the battle. Dive into the Easter Rising of 1916 through different modalities of primary sources, Augmented Reality and 3D printed buildings.
The Virtual World is 3D photorealistic construction of the the area around Mount Street Bridge that transports users back to April 1916 to better understand the spatial and temporal dimensions of the battle.
The March of Sherwood Foresters is an interactive and annotated map that traces the route of the British Army (Sherwood Foresters) from the point where they arrived at Kingstown Harbour to the area of engagement at Mount Street Bridge.
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